For decades, the gaming industry has been known as an male-exclusive club, and one with overt sexist and misogynistic overtones as well. Wildly popular games such as the Grand Theft Auto series have caused an uproar for its gleeful depiction of violence towards women, and gaming studios such as Riot Games have been engulfed in […]

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be the most successful franchise in the entertainment history, it took years before the MCU made strides in the diversity department. It took fifteen movies until a lead in an MCU film wasn’t a white man. Black Panther was the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film that featured an African […]

The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and more African-Americans at the hands of police officers have inspired nationwide protests across the country in 2020, one of the most strife years in the history of the United States. The tragedies have led to a national reckoning regarding the country’s history of anti-black violence and […]

Sports has always been one of the biggest industries in the world. There is so much that goes into preparing and organizing each professional sports team. Since the sports industry started, it has been a pretty male dominate place with men running the coaching staff and the organization. This would show people that sports were […]

This year’s presidential election was, by all accounts, a historic one. It came at the tail-end of a year defined by a global pandemic, a growing economic crisis and undeniable civil unrest. And even more unpredictable was the massive voter turnout that decided to exercise their right to vote despite all of these limitations. More […]